Key Features of Remotworx


Attendance ( Attendance with smart selfie mode )

Selfie and Geo tagged attendance system using the mobile app is a very useful feature for virtual teams or field force specially in work from home scenario.

Attendance module is very simple yet useful utility provided in remotworx for employees who are working from the remote location or has to work on the field as their daily work schedule.

Through this feature employees can mark their attendance seamlessly from any location and system will keep the date, time and location where they have started their work.

This data is always stored on secure cloud for further processing by the admin team.

Task Management

Creation and allocation of Task is simple using intuitive user interface.

Task management is one of the most powerful features of Remotworx, it uses the modern approach of task allocation and reporting.

Employees love this feature as it gives them an option to complete the task on the spot when they perform it also allow them to add notes, attachments, signature with it.

Customer signature can also be captured when the task is complete.

Changing of Task current status is simple one-tap operation and the user doesn’t have to spend much time doing it, different task management features also allows management to derive important information about client behaviour, travel time, meeting time and so on.

A task can be given a rating by the assigner of the task which offers a sense of appreciation for performers

Payment collection can also be linked to any particular task.


Attachment And Signature

Option to add attachments with the task and also take signature on mobile phone

Attachment of photos and document is one of the important option available in task management.

Signature module enables employees to take signature of customer once the work is complete so it can be used as a customer confirmation on task which is performance.

Official Team Messenger

No more unofficial messenger which are not built for business conversations

Official messaging is using secure and professional mobile application which Is developed only for business communication and you have full control on.

Chatter in the remotworx is designed and developed for official messaging and Doesn’t provide features of casual/personal messengers, so it allows your organization to have full control on the messages being transmitted. It uses very clean and user-friendly interface for ease of operations.


Leave & Holiday management

Leave application and approval process is extremely simple and fast.

Now employees can easily apply for leave and get notified when it gets approved or rejected. Its easy and very handy for employees and managers to keep track of availed, approved, rejected and under reveiew leaves. This module also has holiday list feature which give everyone a handy reference to organization's yearly holiday calendar.


Your friend in difficult times

SOS option will be very handy in emergency situations when field employee needs any sort of help, in such cases employee can raise an SOS request, the system does inform all the nearby team members with notification and system will call employees emergency contact number immediately.

This feature is a real lifesaver and a must have to every field executive. SOS facility can show your organization's proactiveness and responsibility in providing such an important option to your precious employees.


Expenses Management

No more last minute bill collections, and expense logging.

With Remotworx field expenses are taken care with ease, employees can punch their official expenses Right when they have paid for it, the system does take care of all the bills and record the purpose of it.

This feature is a real lifesaver and a must have to every field executive.

Profile Management

It's simple to update your profile information using Remotworx.

In case of any contact information update or preference update user can easily change the Profile settings from profile management.



It helps to boost employee engagement to next level.

Instant appreciations and leaderboard which shows system picked employee rankings, It encourages employees to maintain their performance ranking.

This unique feature shows real-time ranking of team members based on the work done, earned appreciations and many different parameters


Informative dashboard for insights about the performance and efficiency.

Remotworx offers intuitive info graphical dashboard which can lead to more crystal clear focus on improvements of individuals.

Remotworx does all the complex data crunching work for you and gives you meaningful and actionable views.


Informative Activity Feeds

It gives a magical boost to employee engagement

Real-time feeds lists team member interactions and what work is being performed by them, it can improve team bonding and gives transparency amongst team members.

Locate Team Mates

This allows an individual to view other team members on Map.

Through this feature, user can view his team members on Map and can also view what task they are working on at present.

The user can communicate with other user through In-App messenger or phone call, Task can also be created and assigned to employees based on their geo location using this feature


Contacts and Leads management

Adding and managing Leads and existing Customers, vendors can be performed with simple utility

Lead management was never so easy, with Remotworx's Lead and Contact management Leads, Client or Vendors can be added with location tagging, precise address and notes or attachments can be added from the remotworx mobile app, this gives a unique opportunity to organizations to tag every future visit to that .

Call Scheduling and Reminders

Helps in scheduling important sales or other business related calls seamlessly.

Schedule calls and get notification prior to the time, it also tracks productivity of an employee and gives insights of call accuracy, missed calls, customer conversation log.


Admin Web Control Panel Key Features

Dynamic configurations

It allows admin to configure different parameters such as location, phone and other sensors information to be turned ON or OFF for particular employee


Admin provides a powerful dashboard for management of the business to get meaningful insights from massive data which is being generated in real time by the team. It makes life easy for managers with information at their fingertip


Task Allocation

New tasks can be allocated from Admin Console for any particular employee without much of an effort. System will notify user by push notificaiton as soon as task is allocated for that employee.

Detailed Task reports

Task reports do show in-depth information about every aspect of Task so that you can make sure all tasks are performed optimally

Trace complete travelled route

Get to know detailed travel report with map router trace


Phone Call Usage

Get to know how much productive an employee is based on the phone call usage and SMS usage

Notify All

Send important messages to everyone in the team in one click from admin console, It will send a push notification to everyone who is part of the system.

Email reports

Daily, weekly and monthly email digest to give knowledge about whats happening at present with the team, how efficient team is and what is the productivity showing