REMOTWORX – Introduction

Remotworx is an Intelligent field force activity tracking and process automation software tool which is powered by artificial intelligence to get a maximum outcome from every field employee. It is a smartphone app available on Android and will soon be available on IOS platform.

With Remotworx organization of any size be it small, medium or large can achieve all their field duties done smartly on time and on right place helping them reduce cost and maximize profits.

Remotworx is designed with employees first in mind so it does offer very intuitive and useful features which can not only help them track the progress of their work but also provide them with a friend on the move as it does provide most critical information about the tasks, team members work and real-time updates from the team.

Design of Remotworx is simple and easy to understand, so it doesnt need any special training and can be adopted by anyone within no time.

Singing up with Remotworx is simple and the whole setup takes less than 10 minutes.

Some of the important features of Remotworx are

  1. Attendance System

Attendance system is the most important feature of Remotworx it provides freedom to users of the system to log their attendance when they are on field work and system. Once the attendance is marked Remotworx system will start capturing mobile data which is required to measure the productivity of any employee. If the employee is not available for a day it will not collect information and will not remind the user for any task.


2. Task Management

Another important feature of Remotworx is Task Management, this is most powerful feature of the system allows all employees to create their task list on their own, these tasks can also be allocated by the manager or admin and can be assigned specifically to the user, upon allocation user gets notified about the task and will be able to view it instantly in his/her app.

3. Signature Module

The signature module can be used capture customer signature on successful meeting or task, this is very important for any company which wants to track the outcome of tasks given to its field employees and this feature can also be considered as proof of delivery / meeting etc

4. Document Attachment Module

With document attachment scanned documents or any other type of image proof can be linked to tasks allowing the organization to capture official images on the go. It does store image meta-data and location for added usage.


5. Official Team Messanger

No more unofficial messengers and no more unprofessional ways of communication for official messaging, here comes a very simple, highly secure messenger specially designed for office communication, it gives you complete control and trace features to have more control over your office communication.

6. SOS

SOS is an emergency assistance system which blows alarm when you need urgent help, this is very handy and helpful feature allowing users to raise an alarm to their team mates and it also dials the emergency contact number. This feature is a lifesaver and a must have facility for all the employees of a company who works out on the field.

7. Expenses Management

Expense management gives an option to employees to log their expenses on the field, this allows greater accuracy and reduces the time for an employee to get the reimbursements. Companies can process payment must faster with geolocation data.

8. Profile Management

Employees can easily edit and modify their profile details such as contact numbers, emergency contact information, profile photo etc from Profile management. Personal preferences such as alarm settings and notification settings can also be set using profile management.

9. Gamification

Gamification is a method of simplifying and showing analytics in a Gamified way for business activities, in Remotworx Gamification gives a unique feature to represent critical information in a Gamified way to increase employee engagement.

10. Dashboard

Dashboard is an analytical toolkit gives 360 view of work performance of an employee. Now employees can view how they are performing in real time with graphical charts and statistical dashboard. This gives an extra edge to employees to improve their work and perform to the optimum levels.

11. Live Feeds

Live feeds is a unique activity feeds system which gives insights of all the team members in one place, research shows that employees at workplace do pay attention to activities performed by other teammates and it improves overall team performance.


12. Locate Others

Locating other team members is accurate with real-time geolocation and it shows employees who are on the field work using maps. It allows any user to view the tasks which are being performed by teammates, and new task also can either be allocated or existing task can also be transferred. It saves a lot of time and unnecessary phone calls, now everyone is traceable and can be effectively utilized.

13. Client and Vendor Management

Now new clients or vendors can be added on the field in real time, it captures location details automatically and basic information can be entered by the employee, this feature shows list of already added clients or vendors or any other entity added in PARTIES section.


14. Call and SMS Log

Remotworx captures phone call and SMS details in the duty hours of an employee to analyse the performance of an individual, in call and SMS log employee can add comments for the call made or received. Using this parameter Remotworx analyses phone usage and calculates unproductive time.

15. Leave Management

Leave management provides a facility to apply for leave from the Remotworx app, a senior manager can allow or disapprove the leave from his side, along with the Leaves it also gives a full list of Holidays which are defined as per the company. Real-time leave applications and approval and leave basket gives greater flexibility and transparency to the organization and its employees.